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Composite TYPE-V pressure vessels

Type-V tank Products are all-composite linerless unibody construction Type-V pressure vessels. They are built using Hexcel carbon fiber material, and the resin is a Scorpius proprietary cryogenic high performance matrix, termed Sapphire 77. The composite Type-V tanks are characterized by patented technologies like all-composite polar bosses (including the boss threading), incorporation of external structural stringers and internal slosh baffles.

The Type-V tanks are unibody structures and can become the primary structure of a launch vehicle or a spacecraft. Additionally, SSLC also commercially sells Type-V tanks incorporating a positive expulsion device (bladder), which is used for spacecraft in-space propulsion. The applications of the Pressurmaxx Type-V tanks are not limited to space, but span the Aeronautics, Unmanned Aerial systems (UAS), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV), automotive, Energy, industrial, medical, military, special ops fields, and more.

Unibody Composite Structures

Structures that act as one unified structure which integrates the Type-V propellant tank and does not require additional support elements of any kind. Our configurations combine primary and secondary support structures into one single Type-V propellant tank which is significantly lighter, stiffer, and stronger than traditional tanks. Composite materials have very low coefficient of thermal expansion relative to metal structures and the need to design around these concerns is minimized.

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