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Composite Technician

Work in a small team of technicians and engineers in the fabrication of pressurized composites structures and rocket engines, using a CNC winding machine and wet hand lay-up methods with carbon fabric and resin.

Specific tasks include:

Lay out, assemble, pre-fit and bond carbon composite or laminate fabrications, assemblies, parts, skins or equipment.

Hand cut fabric, hand wet lay-up of carbon fiber material.

Understand and follow accepted processes, methods, and procedures.

Use shop math and measuring instruments such as calipers, pi tape, micrometers, and precision scales.

Obtain information from prints, charts, sketches, work orders, documents and verbal and electronic information.

Follow engineering and manufacturing specifications.

Operate curing ovens to complete curing cycles.

Sand, deburr, smooth, and bond preparation.

Perform rework or repair.

Perform routine minor machine maintenance.

Must have clean and organized work habits; maintaining strict cleanliness standards, while working efficiently and quickly.


Quick learner, hard-working with skilled hands, Basic knowledge of CAD/CAM or similar tools, Minimum 3 years composites fabrication experience. Must be either a US Citizen or hold a green card. Ability to read CAD drawings, engineering sketches communicate challenges to small engineering teams

Additional Skills & Qualifications

  1. BSME and 1 year of wet layup composites OR 2. Technician with: 3+ years of wet layups high level of workmanship with wet layups understand blueprints, shop math CAD/CAM for finishing

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