Scorpius Space Launch Company was incorporated in 1999 as a spin-off Company of Microcosm Inc. with the distinct mandate to specialize in ►Producing low cost space launch vehicles, and  ►Providing affordable on-demand space launch services. Scorpius SLC draws on substantial know-how from the parent company, as it has been specializing in reducing space mission cost since 1984 with specific expertise in designing commercial, military, and scientific missions from small, low-cost programs to multi-billion dollar, multi-satellite constellations and a family of launch vehicles. While Microcosm provides the technology development, Scorpius SLC joins the commitment by providing the "3R" dedication: Responsive, Reliable and Reduced cost launch missions.

The core technologies have been validated in 2 successful suborbital flights with the Scorpius® SR-M-1 and the SR-S. The Scorpius® vehicle technologies are applied throughout the whole range of product family, from low-cost sounding rockets to extendible vehicles, from light to heavy lift to various orbits.


It is our explicit mission to create a new paradigm for the way space launch business is done in the United States of America.

Grounded in the heritage of the originators of LOW COST ACCESS TO SPACE, we apply low cost technologies, we manufacture with an industrial approach and we foster a corporate culture that exploits the energy of change to make affordable launch services readily available for the exploration of space, for the benefit of human sciences, and for the security of our nation.


Drastic cost reductions for payload launches can not be achieved by tweaking the entrenched practices of building launch vehicles. This can only be achieved by applying a new mentality, innovative approaches and the incorporation of the enabling technologies. The Scorpius® Multiple Pod design architecture, as symbolized by our company logo, was created to achieve dramatic cost reductions for orbital launches and incorporates the following main enabling technology groups:

Markus Rufer
President and CEO
25 yrs. international general management and manufacturing plant operations background in Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Automotive and Energy.
Alice Wertz
25 yrs. experience in business management, finance and contracting
Dr. Nicola Sarzi-Amade
VP, Business Development
Launch vehicle development, 10 yrs. experience.
Dr. James Wertz
Chairman of the Board
Internationally recognized authority in space mission engineering, 25 yrs. experience.
Dr. Robert Conger
Vehicle launch operations management and payload integrations at AF spec. weapons lab, 30 yrs. experience.
Jack Kulpa

30 yrs. related experience including Director of over 50 launches for the AF and the NRO.



Microcosm, Inc. - Our parent company
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